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Below are a list of books by myself currently available for purchase.


'A Darkened Heart', my first self published book of poetry. A collection of dark and disturbing poetry to tingle your senses. This book is published and available through


'Unhinged Heart'. This is a collaborative collection of dark poetry, and again very dark and disturbing. This book is also published and available through

My poetry is also featured in the following books:


'Velvet Death'. Available from from 4.84, a fantastic anthology of dark poetry by my great friend Jonathan Martin. It includes guest submissions by various members of plus two of my very own poems.


'Velvet Paradox'. Available through from 4.84.


'Velvet Dreams'. Available through from 3.50. First in the series of poetry anthology's by Jonathan Martin.

Other Publications:
Below are some other publications that you can find my work in.

'The Silent Voice'. An anthology of contemporary poetry, published by 'Dogma Publications'. I don't recommend buying this, as I don't mind admitting that it is a rip off at 15.99. Most of all I don't recommend buying it because I don't make any money from its sales, plus the poem of mine that is featured is also in one of my other books. Enough said.

I have been featured in another anthology of contemporary poetry titled 'Spring Verse' published by 'Dogma Publications'. However as with 'The Silent Voice' at 15.99 I consider this a rip-off and would recommend you to buy one of my other books instead.

I believe i was also published in yet another collection of poems released by 'Dogma Publications', however you can now see a pattern occuring, and to be honest i didn't even get a copy of this myself, i don't even remember what it was called but it probably costs 15.99. I did not submit anything else to these publishers and will never again.