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About Me

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I have gone by the name 'Reflectingeye' for many years now, and I regularly credit my work with this name. I am a 31 year old Englishman currently living in a small village in Derbyshire. I have been writing short stories and poetry for 15 years, although I seem to rarely finish anything. (In fact one of my original stories that I started 15 years ago is a work still in progress)
I have been a member of for quite a few years now, and have an online portfolio which is accessible by going to  I'm also on various other online writing communities going by the same name, though is where i usually hang out.
I grew up in Derbyshire where i am still living.I graduated from university a while ago with a degree in Applied Social Sciences and currently work, supporting Adults with learning dissabilities to live in their own homes. I am just starting a degree course in Literature to hopefully further develop my writing, the fruits of which may grace these pages. I have two books self published, both are available through, and i am currently working on my first collaborative novel with my good friend Byron Quinn (AKA Jonathan Martin). For further information about where to find my published material go to the bibliography page.